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New Zealand’s Marlborough province is renowned for receiving more than its share of sunshine. It was this meteorological feature, coupled with strong, drying Nor’ Westerly winds and large areas of suitable flat land that enables salt to be harvested.

The same region we make our Natural salt and our Flaky salt is also famous for its stunning award winning Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay white wines which thrive in the hot dry conditions.

It is these elements that create the ideal conditions also for salt harvesting.

Pacific Natural Salt is approved by BIO-GRO NZ

Pacific Natural Salt is approved by BIO-GRO NZ (an IFOAM Accredited Certifier) for use in organic foodstuffs.

This means that Pacific Natural Salt can be used both for cooking and as a tasty substitute for your current table salt.

If you are using coarse salt in a grinder ensure you use a quality salt grinder as natural sea salt is often slightly more difficult to grind due to its higher moisture content.

Dominion Salt produce a range of natural salt products as well as a extensive range of other premium salt products that are used in various industries and applications

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